Teen Development

Basic Training (BT) is just that, our 6AM no nonsense way to get your mind, body and day started on a positive note. Our R1 BT, an extension of of popular MMA Bootcamp, was designed by our world renowned trainers to build stamina and lean body mass, increase focus and awareness, teach you MMA and self defense skills without sparring. This class will teach you the complete game from standing to ground, striking to submission and everything in between. You will train 'just like the pros' do when preparing for an event including strength and conditioning exercises.

We also take great care in preparing the mind for a clean performance with breathing, focus and movement drills. Classes are usually divided between standing and ground, lower and upper body along with striking and grappling.  Come in! Get acquainted with the world's fastest growing sport in a safe and clean environment with real MMA professionals.

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