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11001 S. Prairie Ave
Inglewood, CA 90303
Phone: 310.322.5552

Q: How much experience do I need before I can join R1?
A: No experience is necessary. We teach beginners all the way through to professionals. Most R1 members sign up without having done any kind of martial art, in fact, it's best for us if you start with a clean slate. You will have a blast, get fit, and learn a new art!

Q: How old do you have to be?
A: In general we are an adult gym, we try and keep ages 18 and up, but we do have a little leeway. In fact, R1 has recently started a teen development program for ages 14-18 that requires a parent or guardian to sign our waiver.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes!  At R1, our #1 priority is SAFETY.  We make it as safe as any other active sport like football, volleyball or basketball.  By creating a safe environment and having only the best world-class instructors, R1 is focused on risk minimization. Of course, accidents can happen (as in any other active sport), but they are quite rare. You will not experience any contact unless you want it AND our instructors approve your request based on your skill level. 

Q: Who is your typical R1 member?
A: Anyone who is interested in the benefits that the combat arts provide! Typically we have 3 typical profiles at R1: the fun lover, the hobby warrior, and the fighter.  The fun lover is someone who wants to get fit and stay healthy by doing a fun, interesting activity instead of going to the gym (and doing another boring set on the bench). The hobby warrior is someone who truly loves the martial arts as his/her passion outside of work.  The fighter is someone who is a developing amateur or professional.  At R1, we welcome and encourage people of all skill sets, age groups, and sexes.

Q: What about women?
A: Some of our most constant and dedicated members are women. Certainly women are the minority in the sport, but you can usually expect to see at least a couple girls in class on any given night. We also offer a Women's Self Defense Program 5 times per year.

Q: What sort of gear will I need?
A: That depends on the classes you want to take. In general you'll want a cup and mouth guard. That will pretty much cover our grappling classes. For boxing you'll need boxing gloves. Kickboxing will require shin pads. Our MMA members will need grappling gloves. That's pretty much it. Members do provide their own gear (community gear is just not sanitary), but we provide different sets of pads, headgear, etc. 

Q: Who teaches the classes?
A: Classes are taught by our R1 Staff members, who have been personally chosen by our founder, Rico Chiapparelli. In fact, he actually teaches most of the MMA and Submission Wrestling classes. All R1 instructors are masters in their particular combat form while still actively persuing knowlege in all.

Q: How often should I come to class?
A: We recommend that beginners start off slow. One class per evening is advised for a minimum of two nights per week. After you understand the rythum of R1 and your schedule as often as you wish.

Q: Will there be sparring?
A: There will be some light technical sparring towards the end every class. By sparring we mean some type of live drills, which could be rounds of live wrestling in the Submission class or some light to moderate sparring during MMA, Boxing, and Mauy Thai. Voluntary full contact sparring and hard wrestling between advanced students must be approved by R1 instructors.

Q: Can I take private 1-on-1 lessons with R1 instructors?
A: Yes, absolutely!  Typically, you will learn at a rate 4x faster if you take private 1-on-1 lessons.  We recomend both a mixture of group and private lessons for accelerated learning. Private lessons with one of our instructors are reserved R1 members only.

Q: What if I am interested in becoming a Pro?
A: We can help. While most of our members do not wish to compete, competitive fighting is the core of our business. If you are one of the few who believe that they can fight professionally we can advise and consult you. Please speak with R1 management.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: We have everything you need here at R1. The paperwork takes a few minutes, and we can outfit you in any gear you may lack. If you want to train the same day you sign up come about 15 minutes before the class you want to attend, otherwise come in any time during our normal business hours. We are always glad to add someone to the R1 team, just stop by or call us at 310.322.5552. If you prefer email please click here.