Women's Self Defense

Knowledge of self-defense can often mean the difference between life and death in certain situations. Self Defense training is an insurance policy for the unexpected crisis situation. At R1, our Self Defense Program is designed for real world encounters by our ring proven and street-tested instructors. Our ideology, methods and techniques are designed to help you prevent, escape and/or thwart threatening situations safely.  

The Program is designed for the complete beginner whose primary focus is self-defense in the real world. We present a refreshingly new perspective on self-defense by melding martial arts, psychology and performance training. As a member of the R1 Self-Defense Program, you will learn:

* to be Aware of a threatening situation
* to maximize your chances of survival
* to neutralize an attacker who is much larger than you
* where to strike first in the event of a crisis escalation
* the Law Enforcement perspective
* Stress and Fear coping mechanisms
* practical, applicable fitness routines

The R1 Self Defense Course is 12 hours of instruction featuring both lecture & hands on applications addressing threat recognition, avoidance and worse case scenario. Classes are in 3 hour sessions with a break for lunch and usually takes place over a two day weekend (Sat & Sun).

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