Mixed MArtial Art Classes

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. An amalgamation of all the combat forms, MMA contains a lethal combination of both standing & ground, striking & wrestling, knockouts & submissions. This dynamic art with its wide spectrum skill sets is widely misunderstood an often misinterpreted. At R1, we deconstruct the form through basic movements, drills, techniques, strategies and tactics that are universal to all. 

Our R1 protocol has proven highly effective in all of the biggest MMA promotions the world over. Based on our 'all forms are fluent' philosophy members will be taught using the very same protocol originally developed just for our Pro MMA fighters.

R1 MMA will challenge you both physically and mentally. Classes begin with a light warm up followed by partner drills, technical instruction, flow drills, pad/bag work and technical sparring.

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